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Evaluated institutions will be free to showcase the labels on their websites or on any other communication support. They will, however, be required to comply at all times with the logo and graphic charter of the original label, which must be common to all of the labeled institutions.

The dissemination of the Performance Charter indicating the conditions for the award of labels is the responsibility of each establishment.

IFCU may display the names of evaluated institutions and, where appropriate, labeled, on its site or on any other means of communication, but it undertakes not to present them in the form of a ranking or similar classification.

Seal of Recognition

All universities participating in the Newman evaluation will receive the seal of recognition reading “University committed to social responsibility”, independently of the results obtained and independently of the attribution of the USR labels.

Unlike the USR labels, this seal will be awarded to all evaluated institutions in order to recognise their commitment to continuous improvement in social responsibility. The seal will have a dual function: on the one hand, to encourage universities to participate in the evaluation regardless of the results obtained, and on the other hand, to have a visual proof of their participation in the Newman evaluation.

Universities that have not obtained a USR label or do not wish to showcase their performance will still be able to communicate their commitment using this seal of recognition.

USR Communication Toolkit

With the aim of supporting universities in their university social responsibility approach, we have developed a communication toolkit in the form of a brochure. The toolkit gives a non- exhaustive list of means that universities can use to communicate on their process and gives tools to take advantage of their participation in the evaluation.