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Granting and Validity of Labels

The accreditation system consists of a total of 4 USR labels, one for each of the main areas covered by the evaluation, as described below:

  • USR Governance label
  • USR Environment label
  • USR Social Practices Label
  • USR Identity label

The granting of a label for each of the 4 main areas of the Newman framework is conditional on obtaining the threshold scores:

One-star lab Between 35% and 49%
Two-star label Between 50% and 74%
Three-star label Above 75%

A score below 35% does not entitle evaluated institutions to obtain a label in the field concerned.

One or more labels may therefore be granted according to the criteria fulfilled by the institutions evaluated.

The labels will have a validity period of 3 years.

The year of award will appear on each of the labels received. They will be valid from their granting onwards and this for the following 36 months.

Given that granting is planned for the last quarter of each calendar year, a label obtained at the end of 2020 will thus be valid until the end of 2023. The conditions of validity of the labels will also be indicated on the Performance Charter which will be sent to the evaluated establishments.