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GMAP Center

GMAP Center is an independent private think tank governed by Swiss law, dedicated to analysing and forecasting the changes taking place in our complex 21st-century societies. Its members come from various countries, fields, and professional backgrounds. They include physicists, economists, political scientists, epistemologists, historians, geographers, as well as engineers, senior civil servants, senior officers, financiers, and diplomats among others. They all work in a cross-cutting and transdisciplinary manner. In addition to their personal research, they also use the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system Mileva.

Website of GMAP Center:

And Mileva AI system

Mileva is an advanced artificial intelligence system of the machine-thinking type. This means that Mileva is able to analyse complex situations and anticipate their evolution. To this end, depending on the description of the world to be studied and the question put to it, it establishes its own documentary base, focusing on the relevance of the information rather than the exhaustiveness of “big data”. It then puts into action autonomous and heterogeneous agents representing the different components of that world (actors, various kinds of context, issues, regulations, etc.). These will interact by applying different behavioural models. At the end Mileva will deliver interactive maps and graphs which will make it possible, among other things, to know who the central agents are in relation to the issue raised, the networks that the agents form among themselves, their influence games, their current and future behaviours, and the risks of rupture together with their levels of occurrence and probability. Finally, Mileva is a self-learning system which improves with each analysis.

On this basis, in addition to analyses and forecasts, Mileva produces intelligent newsletters which include indicators, automatically adapt to a user’s interests, and provide dynamic ratings in current and forecast situations applied to social, environmental, ethical, and other issues. The analyses, newsletters, and ratings all come with interactive dashboards.

Mileva website:

Download the presentation “Mileva in a nutshell” by clicking here.

Mileva’s references include IFCU, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva), MIT (Department of Cyber International Relations), Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Geneva Water Hub, UN Security Council sanctions committee, Green Cross International, Aga Khan Development Network, international NGOs, regions and private companies in the financial, aeronautical, luxury, communication, and economic intelligence fields.